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Tips to encourage Speech & Language Development in kids

1. Play with sounds

Use sounds while playing, explore new sounds. Learning new sounds can be done through play using puzzles, riddles and silly sounds.

2. Use facial expressions

To express emotions, to get attention during conversations facial expressions can we used.

Like making silly face, making surprised face.

3. Ask questions and wait for response

Communication is a two-way process so wait for the response of the child. Response can be an attempt to speak. Ask easy questions like Do you want play with car?

4. Read stories

Reading can simply means describing pictures. Choose books with bigger colorful pictures and ask the child to point or vocalise known objects in the picture. Reading stories to kids helps building new vocabulary, Imagination and problem solving.

5. Expand vocabulary

Expand vocabulary by adding new words each day to the words they already know. Like If the child says “car” you could say “that’s a big car”

6. Narrate actions

Talk about what they are doing and what you are doing. Like “you are playing with the car peep, peep”

7. Give choices

Give them choices. Let them choose while dressing, having snack and while playing.

8. Take turns

Take turns while playing, while talking and make them wait for their turn.

9. Turn off the distractions

In most of the houses there are few common sources of noise which create distraction like television, radio, kitchen noise etc. Colorful big pictures in play area can be distracting too. Keep the distractions low so its easy for the child to concentrate on the speech.

10.Sing song

Talk to child in sing song voice to keep the talk interesting. This will help to keep child attentive while you talk.

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