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Stuttering - All you want to know about


Every person’s speech is unique no one speaks with perfect clarity all the time — we all occasionally struggle to speak.

Although, if you’re experiencing a frequent and significant struggle to speak fluently, you may have a stuttering problem.


Stuttering is a speech disorder also known as stammering or non-fluent speech. Speech is repetitive, interrupted, and prolonged and it does not sound fluent.

Common occurrence is in children who are learning to talk, may also develop in adulthood for a variety of reasons.

Stuttering doesn’t happen because you don’t know what you want to say; instead, stuttering is an issue with the actual ability to produce Speech.

Characteristics of Stuttering

· Repetition - repeats a word, sound, or a syllable.

· Pausing - frequent pausing during speech

· Prolongation- prolongation of word or sound

· Muscle tension- tension in facial muscles

There can also be visible physical symptoms including rapid blinking of eye, clenched fists, or lip and jaw tremors.

Emotions and certain conditions can worsen stuttering, such as stress, excitement, or lack of sleep.

Public speaking and talking on the phone are also common triggers

What to do?

Speech Therapy can help resolve your speech fluency issues. A speech-language pathologist can assess the type of stuttering and can suggest best treatment for you and your individual needs.

Speech therapy can help you develop effective communication and improve your speech fluency. Another important aspect of speech therapy is decreasing anxiety and encouraging confident speech.

Your speech Pathologist will work with you to embrace your speech skills and not let

stuttering stop you from living your life to the fullest.

Stuttering can cause immense stress and anxiety, but you don’t have to suffer alone.

Speech therapy is a powerful tool that can help you with Speech fluency and to communicate confidently.

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