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Effects of lockdown on kids’ growth

Covid Lockdown had taken a toll on health and behavioral aspects. There is increase in anxiety and tensions among working adults due to increased work pressure amid Companies either downsizing or optimizing resources to the edge.

As the time was difficult for parents of Small Kids, Increased number of cases with speech and language delay can be seen in small kinds after lockdown.

Not going out is definitely a major reason but there are a few other reasons too which contributed to speech delays and behavioral complications:

  • Spending more time watching cartoons

  • Spending more time on mobile games

  • Lack of speech & language stimulation in the environment

  • Lack of group activities

  • Less physically involved play

  • Disturbed sleeping pattern & routine

  • Not able to express themselves leading to aggression & agitation

How to help kids in these situations

· Getting age-appropriate toys/ books

· Involvement of parents in play and activities

· Shorter screen time

· Parents need to plan what to watch on screen for the given time

· Plan physical activities at home like simple yoga, dance, hide & seek, small runs, circle games, skipping and helping in kitchen etc.

· Making routine & following it

· Reading bed time stories to the kids

· Getting professional help through call or online consultation if needed.

Work from home becomes challenging with kids around. But maintaining routine & taking turns to attend the child helps. Cheering for small achievements make the child feel special and the parent child bond becomes stronger.

As these times are difficult for every one so is for the child so do not forget to reinforce them for those small wins.

A bit of awareness can help shape the future of your kids.

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