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Audiologist - The Hearing expert

Who is an Audiologist?

-Audiologists are healthcare professionals with specialty in diagnosing and treating hearing loss. They identify, assess, and manage disorders of hearing, balance, and other neural systems. They use various instruments to measure hearing loss and to determine its cause. Audiologists practice in hospitals, newborn hearing screening units, Speech and hearing clinics, and research institutes. 



 What does an audiologist do?

Audiologists work on many areas to help protect your hearing and treat hearing loss.


·      They do various evaluations to check your hearing.

·      Based on the evaluations and history they diagnose hearing loss.

·      They suggest ways to protect your hearing.

·      Audiologists treat hearing loss by selecting and fitting hearing aids or recommending and fitting hearing assistive devices and cochlear implants.

·      They get ear mounds and shells done by taking ear impressions, and educate you for care and maintenance of hearing aids and ear mounds.

·      Audiologist provide latest digital hearing aids.

·      They’re often members of multidisciplinary teams that treat hearing loss and communication disorders.

·      They program, fine tune and trouble shoot hearing aids according to their patient’s needs.

·      They educate and work on awareness of society to protect their hearing.

·      The audiologists also suggest exercises for Vertigo and balance related issues.

·      They do some special tests to understand more about your hearing loss if required.

·      They Counsel patients in dealing with their hearing difficulties.

·      They provide hearing protection devices such as earmuffs and ear plugs.


When should I consult an audiologist?

You should consult an audiologist,


·      If you are experiencing reduced hearing.

·      If you are feeling ear pain or there is infection in your ear.

·      If you are facing difficulty following conversations.

·      If you are getting vertigo and balance related issues.

·      If you are hearing continues ringing sound in your ear.

·      For general hearing evaluation once in a year.

·      For hearing aids related queries and questions.

·      For hearing aids trials.

·      For latest technology hearing aids.

·      For hearing aids programming and accessories.

·      For newborn babies hearing evaluation.

·      For cochlear implants related queries and programming.

·      After Cochlear Implant Aural Rehabilitation.



 How will audiologist help me?


·      Audiologists do hearing evaluation and help you in managing your hearing loss. They counsel you to take better care of your hearing.

·      When you consult an audiologist ask you to describe your case history and symptoms including how long you’ve had them and if your symptom is consistent or inconsistent.

·      Once the hearing evaluation results are out, audiologist will educate you about the hearing issues that you’re facing.

·      Based on you are test results they’ll suggest you the solution.  They suggest whether you need hearing aids or not.

·      They suggest other hearing solutions also like Cochlear implants.

·      They refer to other medical professionals like ENT, General physician or Pediatrician if needed.

For more information contact us – Better Speech & Hearing Clinic, HSR Layout, Bangalore.







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